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Santa's Secret Valley 3.0.4 screenshot Santa's Secret Valley

Non-violent graphical adventure - save Santa's magic items!

Tags: santa, christmas, adventure, non-violent, kids, children, family, xmas, kid, child, nonviolent, aha, familygames,

Biotopia 0.8.1102 screenshot Biotopia

Biotopia is a mixture of RPG, Jump & Run Platformer and most of all a sandbox, where the Player can let his fantasy flow.

Tags: Jump & Run, RPG, Action, Dungeon Craeler, Biotopedia, Minecraft, Terraria,

TNT and Explosives for Minecraft 0.11 screenshot TNT and Explosives for Minecraft

TooMuchTNT adds over 50 different kinds of explosives, each one with a different special effect.

Tags: TNT, Minecraft TNT, Minecraft Mod, Minecraft explosives, Minecraft explosion, TMT Minecraft, Too Much TNT, Minecraft,

FreeGamia Micro Balance 1.2 screenshot FreeGamia Micro Balance

Description: Scientists have invented a nanobot that at the micro level is able to fight off viruses. The action takes place in the human body.

Tags: freeware, free game downloading, freeware games,

FreeGamia Mushroom Picker Simulator 1.2 screenshot FreeGamia Mushroom Picker Simulator

Today you will pick mushrooms, the fun kind ;) But nothing is ever quite as easy as it seems.

Tags: freeware, free game downloading, freeware games,

FreeGamia Gwadar Base 1.2 screenshot FreeGamia Gwadar Base

2002, British intelligence receives information about the contract between the terrorists and the official authorities of Afghanistan, but they deny...

Tags: match3 free games, freeware,

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